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Gag reel

Here's a post containing bloopers & behind the scenes photographs taken while working on the R&R project. I will add more to this. And trust me, enough happens. R&R self-portraits rarely go well in the first go. Plus I'm terrible at being serious, so I pull crazy faces sometimes often.

Pictures from my flickr account, as quality in medium format is horrible on blogger (sorry blogger).


R&R 065 - Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #1)Blooper - I usually sit in a squatted position when I take R&R shots. Anyway, I lost my balance and started flapping my arms (snap photo) and then proceeded to fall on my ass. Good times :P
For the lolz - R&R 065 blooper

R&R 062 - Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)

Alternate shot

R&R 054 - On Beauty
Dorking out & a blooper
gag-054-2 gag-054-1

R&R 052 - Norwegian Wood
Weird face & testing 1-2-3
R&R 052 blooper R&R 052 - testing 1 2 3
Norwegian had flown. Good.

R&R 027 - Me Talk Pretty One Day
The book fell off my head.
R&R 027 blooper